Community & Family Services

The Salvation Army Community and Family Services Housing Resource 


The Housing Resource Centre helps people to find and keep housing and prevent homelessness.


All of our services are FREE and available to people who require assistance with housing issues. Please contact (613) 548-4411 x 31.


We provide support and information about how to find or keep appropriate housing.  This includes vacancy listings and referrals to many local services.  We also provide financial assistance for needs such as overdue rent or utility bills.  Contact us immediately if you think you are at risk of disconnection of utilities or eviction, for possible assistance through The City of Kingston Rent and Utility Banks.  


We specialize in helping individuals or families to keep their housing and prevent crisis and homelessness.  


Our staff and volunteers also work with governments and the community on issues affecting our clients, including those related to affordable housing, poverty and social justice.


Housing Stability Program (City of Kingston)


Low income residents of Kingston may be eligible for emergency financial assistance to help find or keep housing.  Eligible expenses include last month’s rent deposit, rent and utility arrears.  Other housing related expenses may be considered on an emergency basis.


Funds are limited and subject to availability.  Applicants must meet eligibility criteria and provide verification of all information, including income, housing costs and other expenses.


Applicants must access all other financial resources, (savings or other funds, social services and other community funding sources ) before applying for homelessness prevention funds.


Fund payments are made directly to landlords, utilities or other service providers.


For more information or to apply for assistance, please call the Housing Resource Centre at (613) 548 – 4411.


Rent Bank


The Rent Bank program is available to assist individuals in maintaining their housing when faced with the possibility of eviction due to rental arrears.


Assistance is available for up to two (2) times the average market rent.
Once in a two (2) year period.


The Rent Bank is funded by the Province of Ontario and The City of Kingston and administered according to Provincial guidelines.  Income criteria are based on the City of Kingston Family Size Income Criteria.


Family Size

Income Limit

1 Person


2 People


3 People


4+ People




Rent Deposit


Assistance is available for Rent Deposit for individuals and families.


Assistance is available for up to $600.00 for an individual and up to $800.00 for families.
Once in a lifetime basis.



Utilities Assistance


The Utility Bank assists individuals in maintaining their energy source(s) when faced with the possibility that their energy source(s) may be turned off due to arrears.


Assistance is available for up to $750.00 per applicant household.
Once in a lifetime basis.








Vacancy Listings


Local Housing Search


You can begin your housing search by looking at the Rental Listings on the vacancy listings page.


Classified ads are another good source for vacancies.  The major newspapers in The City of Kingston are The Kingston Whig Standard ( EMC ( Kingston This Week (  You can also access listings in Kingston from websites such as


Some landlords prefer to use property management companies to manage their rental units. Many of these companies list with the Housing Resource Centre or advertise in the local newspaper.  You can also call the property management company directly to see if they have any units available that meet your needs.  You can find an up to date list of Property Management Companies for the Kingston area in the side link to the left of the screen.

Many apartments, rooms and houses are not advertised.  Some landlords put up 'For Rent' signs on the property instead.  Choose the neighbourhoods you would like to live in and walk through them looking for signs.  If you see an apartment building you like, check with the superintendent to see if there are vacancies.

Many people find a place through word of mouth.  Let people know that you are looking for, and ask if they have heard of any places for rent.


Housing For Seniors


Waterford Retirement Residences(613) 634-7471

471 Cataraqui Woods Drive, Kingston, ON


Conservatory Pond Retirement Residences(613) 549-4049

1499 Stoneridge Drive, Kingston, ON




The Rosewood(613) 384-7131

833 Sutton Mills Crt. Kingston, ON


Fairfield Manor East(613) 531-9158

670 McLean, Kingston, ON


Fairfield Manor West(613) 384-4371

805 Ridley Drive, Kingston, ON


Providence Care – Providence Manor(613) 549-4164

275 Sydenham Street, Kingston, ON


Trillium Ridge(613) 547-0040

800 Edgar Street, Kingston, ON


St. Lawrence Place Retirement Homes(613) 544-5900

181 Ontario Street, Kingston, ON


Rideaucrest Retirement Home(613) 530-2818

175 Rideau Street, Kingston, ON


Heritage Court Seniors Complex(613) 544-3753

179 Queen Street, Kingston, ON


Elizabeth Cottage Retirement Home(613) 546-7255

251 Brock Street, Kingston, ON


Kingston Elderly Citizens Homes Ltd.(613) 546-3481

30 Wright Crescent, Kingston, ON


FoxRun By The River(613) 382-8448

104 1000 Islands Parkway, Gananoque, ON


Carveth Care Centre(613) 382-4752

375 James Street, Gananoque, ON


Seeley’s Bay Retirement Home(613) 381-9990

138 Main Street, Seeley’s Bay, ON


Arbour Heights(613) 544-1155

564 Tanner Drive, Kingston, ON


Crystal Springs Manor(613) 384-8966

760 Front Road, Kingston, ON



The Royalton Residence(613) 634-5900

2485 Princess Street, Kingston, ON



Property Companies


Panadew Property Management(613) 548-4795

87 Barrack Street, Kingston, ON


Lamb Property Management(613) 546-6624

101-276 Kingsdale Ave, Kingston, ON


HighPoint Property Management(613) 547-3030

177 Division Street, Kingston, ON


Cypress and Associates(613) 546-1653

427 Albert Street, Kingston, ON


Keystone Property Management(613) 546-5555

179 Sydenham Street, Kingston, ON


Bumblebee Property Management(613) 544-8922

49 Princess Street, Kingston, ON


Limestone Property Management(613) 530-3340

303 Bagot Street, Kingston, ON


Homestead Land Holdings(613) 546-3146

64 Ontario Street, Kingston, ON



Student Housing


If you are a student at either Queens University(

St. Lawrence College (

or RMC ( you can access Off-Campus housing listings on their websites.


Housing Options

In this section you will find information to help you find housing whether it be temporary or permanent.

Under the temporary section you will find the contact information for various shelters within Kingston.

Under the permanent section you will find information about the differences between subsidized and affordable housing, as well as lists of properties in Kingston that offer both subsidized and affordable units.

Temporary Housing


Dawn House Women’s Shelter



302 Victoria Street,

Kingston, ON

K7L 3Z1


Crisis Line: 613-545-1379
Administration: 613-545-9640
Fax: 613-545-4071


In From the Cold

428 Barrie Street
Kingston, ON
K7K 3C1

(613) 531 - 3779


Lily’s Place Shelter for Women and Families

333 Kingscourt Ave

Kingston, ON

K7K 4R3


(613) 767-6180

Interval House

P.O. Box 21042
Kingston, ON
K7L 5P5


Crisis Line:(613) 546-1777

Office:(613) 546-1833















Robin’s Hope Transitional Housing



P.O. Box 21042 
Kingston, ON
K7L 5P5


Crisis Line:(613) 546-1777

Office:(613) 546-1833


Kingston Youth Shelter


234 Brock St 
Kingston, ON

K7L 1S4


Phone: (613) 544-3400 ext.2246 or (613) 544-3310 ext. 2246

Fax: (613) 544-7396









Ryandale Shelter for the Homeless

23 Elm Street

Kingston, ON

K7K 1M8

Phone: (613) 548-8466
Fax: (613) 


Ryandale Transitional Housing

669 Victoria Street

Kingston, ON

K7K 4S4


Phone: (613) 548-8466
Fax: (613) 

Harbourlight Men’s Shelter


562 Princess Street
Kingston Ontario

K7L 1C7

Phone: 613-546-2333
Fax: 613-546-4699


Permanent Housing


Residents have a number of options for affordable housing or affordable home ownership in the City of Kingston including subsidized or rent-geared-to-income housing and housing developed through the Canada-Ontario Affordable Housing Program.



Social Housing Registry Program


362 Montreal Street

Kingston, ON

K7K 3H5


Phone: (613) 546 – 2695 x 4764



The Social Housing Registry Program was initially established on October 1, 2002, to meet one of the many requirements of the Service Manager (The City of Kingston) under the Social Housing Reform Act, 2000, and corresponding regulations.

The Registry manages the application process for rent-geared-to-income (RGI) assistance for the seventeen (17) housing providers participating in the centralized waiting list.

This "one stop shopping" allows applicants to apply to more than one housing provider by completing only one application form for RGI assistance. The Registry staff is pleased to assist applicants in making selections for "area of preference " and will review housing mandates and eligibility criteria with applicants upon request. All applications for RGI assistance are processed through The Registry. The Registry determines applicant eligibility. Each month, the Social Housing Registry Program provides to the participating housing providers a waiting list which includes the names of all applicants who are eligible and/or have indicated a preference in their particular housing project. When a vacancy occurs, offers of accommodation are made to eligible applicants by individual housing providers — not by The Registry





The City of Kingston Social Housing Registry Providers


Kingston & Frontenac Housing Corporation(613) 546-5591

119 Van Order Drive, Kingston, ON


Kingston Home Based Housing(613) 542-6672

417 Bagot Street, Kingston, ON


Kingston Municipal Non-Profit Housing Corporation(613) 542-0443

222-37 Cassidy Street, Kingston, ON


Kingston Co-Operative Homes Incorporated(613) 544-3873

14-1338 Princess Street, Kingston, ON


Kaye Healey Homes/Elizabeth Fry Society(613) 544-1744 x28

127 Charles Street, Kingston, ON


Loughborough Housing Corporation(613) 376-3686

4377 William St. Box 400, Sydenham, ON


North Frontenac Non-Profit Housing Corporation(613) 279-3322

Box 275, 1095 Garrett St. Sharbot Lake, ON


Porto Village Non-Profit Homes(613) 544-8362

Box 1, 700 Division St, Kingston, ON


Royal Canadian Legion Villa Kingston(613) 544-2008

671 Princess St, Kingston, ON


St. Andrew-Thomas Senior Citizen Residence Incorporated(613) 384-8966

760 Front Road, Kingston, ON


Weller Arms Non-Profit Homes Incorporated(613) 549-8397

65 Daly Street, Kingston, ON


Lois Miller Co-Operative Homes Incorporated(613) 545-1375

202-234 Guthrie Drive, Kingston, ON


Zion United Church Foundation Incorporated(613) 548-3389

119 Quebec Street, Kingston, ON


Marion Community Homes(613) 634-0551

480 Days Road, Kingston, ON




Tipi Moza(613) 547-1134

993 Princess Street, Box 205, Kingston, ON


Cataraqui Co-Operative Homes Incorporated(613) 549-8397

65 Daly Street, Kingston, ON



The City of Kingston Canadian Home Ownership Program


Municipal Home Ownership Program

The City of Kingston has committed funds for the creation of a home ownership program to provide down payment assistance to City residents renting and purchasing within the City of Kingston.


AHP Home Ownership Program

Under the previous Canada-Ontario Affordable Housing Program, a home ownership program provided down payment assistance to all residents of the City of Kingston and County of Frontenac. Through a revolving reserve fund, there is currently funding available under this program for households renting and purchasing within the City of Kingston or the County of Frontenac.


Both programs are available with the same program rules and application process as set out below:


Program Rules

The funding is available only for down payment on the purchase of a home.
The funding cannot be used for any construction financing or any other purpose.
Approved applicants must provide a fully executed Purchase and Sale Agreement within ninety (90) days of receipt of the Letter of Conditional Approval. Closing date may be beyond 90 days.
The funding will be paid directly to the home purchaser’s solicitor upon closing the purchase.
The maximum amount of the funding will be up to five per cent (5%) of the purchase price of the home to a maximum of $12,500.00.
The funding will be in the form of a 20 year interest free loan registered on title.
The home purchaser will be responsible for covering all costs associated with finalizing the purchase of the home, including legal fees, land transfer tax, and any other related costs.
All re-sale homes must have a home inspection completed at the expense of the home purchaser and provide verification of same (i.e. copy of inspection summary page and invoice).
The funding will be forgiven and can be discharged at the request and expense of the home owner on the 20th anniversary date of the home purchase.
The funding plus a percentage of the capital property appreciation will become payable if at any time prior to the 20th anniversary,
the home is no longer the sole and principal residence of the home owner; or
the home is sold, transferred or disposed of; or
the home owner wishes to increase the original financing for the home; or
there is any default of the funding agreement.


The percentage of the capital appreciation payable will be the same percentage used to determine the amount of the original funding. For example, if the home purchaser received down payment funding equal to five percent (5%) of the purchase price then the home owner would be required to repay five (5%) of the capital appreciation in addition to the original funding.
Should the funding become payable, the City may at its expense, commission an appraisal of the property in order to determine the fair market value and the property appreciation.
The home owner must provide confirmation of their continued residency on an annual basis or upon request by the City of Kingston.
Any misrepresentation may result in an applicant being deemed ineligible.


Household Eligibility Criteria

At least one member of the household must be 18 years of age.
The household members must be permanent residents of the City of Kingston or County of Frontenac.
The household must be renting a unit within the City of Kingston or County of Frontenac.
The household must not currently own a home or have a vested interest in any real estate.
The household must be purchasing their sole and principal residence.
The combined total gross income of the adult household members must be at or below $73,500.
The combined total assets of the adult household members must not be above $30,000. Assets include vehicles, recreational vehicles, non-registered investments and bank accounts. Registered retirement assets are exempt.
The household members must be Canadian citizens, landed immigrants, or have Refugee Claimant status and must be able to provide such documentation.
The household must have a valid mortgage pre-approval from a primary lending institution.
The adult household members must each provide documentation as follows:
Two (2) most current Notices of Assessment (2010 & 2011 or 2009 & 2010), and
Verification of current income, and
Verification of current banking information, and
Verification of rental status, and
Photo identification (health card is unacceptable), and
Copy of mortgage pre-approval from a primary lending institution, and
Verification of full time attendance in school, if applicable.


Eligible Home Purchases

The home must be located within the City of Kingston or County of Frontenac.
The home may be new or re-sale.
The purchase price of the home cannot be higher than $250,000.
Homes must be single residential units which may include detached, semi-detached, condominiums, limited equity co-operatives, or row houses.
Mobile homes are not eligible.
Multi-residential units, such as duplexes and triplexes, are not eligible.


Application And Selection Process

All applicants must complete the application form, provide supporting documentation as required and submit in the time and manner set out on the application form.
Eligible applicants will be approved on a first come first serve basis unless there is insufficient funding for all of the eligible applicants received in one day, then all applications received on that date will be combined and selection will be through a lottery.
Remaining applicants will be placed on a waiting list and advised accordingly.
Approved applicants will receive a Letter of Conditional Approval and will have 90 days to provide a fully executed Purchase and Sale Agreement. Closing date of the purchase can be beyond the 90 days.
Upon receipt of a fully executed Purchase and Sale Agreement, the home purchaser will receive a commitment letter specifying the exact amount of funding to be paid to their solicitor, “In Trust”, on the closing date.
Home purchasers will be required to sign a loan agreement which sets out the terms of the funding prior to any funds being paid to the solicitor and which will be registered on title.
If the approved applicant is unable to provide a fully executed Purchase and Sale Agreement within 90 days, the funding allocation will be withdrawn and the applicant will no longer be eligible to receive the funding.
If funding becomes available, the next eligible applicant on the waiting list will be contacted and provided a Letter of Conditional Approval.
When all funding has been expended, eligible applicants remaining on the waiting list will be advised accordingly.



If you require more information, please call (613546-2695 ext. 4949




Definitions of Types of Housing

To better understand the type of housing on the HAP application, please read the definitions below.

Affordable Housing - This housing has been created over the past few years under the Canada-Ontario Affordable Housing Program.  It is developed, owned and operated by private landlords or non-profit housing providers.  Rent in an affordable housing unit is at or below the average market rent and not rent geared to income.  To be eligible for this housing your household income must fall below levels set by the Canada-Ontario Affordable Housing Program.

Co-Operative Housing - If you live in a co-op, you can be actively involved in the decision making on how the co-op is run, by attending meetings or sometimes being a part of the board.  Co-ops are not low income housing although there are some units with an assisted housing charge, which is generally 30% of your monthly income.  If you live in a co-op without an assisted housing charge you are paying the equivalent to market rent.

Rent Geared-To-Income Housing (RGI) - Also referred to as subsidized housing, your rent is calculated by 30% of your gross monthly household income.

Supportive Housing - If you live in supportive housing, there are support services available to you that will assist you in living independently.  Support services that may be available are for people with physical disabilities or support for youth. 

Rent Supplement Housing - If you receive a rent supplement this means that you are living in a privately owned building with a subsidy.  Your portion of the rent is geared towards your income (30% of gross household income) and a subsidy from the city is paid to the landlord.

Non-Profit Housing - Private non-profit housing, is typically owned and managed by a community organization sponsoring group



Housing Resource Centre

The Salvation Army Housing Resource Centre, a program of Community and Family Services provides a range of services to help people find and keep housing in the City of Kingston. Our services are free and confidential, and are available by appointment only.

Information regarding current laws or government, utility providers or agency practices may change without notice.  The Salvation Army Community and Family Services Housing Resource Centre cannot assume responsibility for the interpretation and use of this information. 

We recommend you contact the Kingston Community Legal Clinic for legal advice


Kingston Community Legal Clinic

345 Bagot Street.

Kingston, ON

K7K 1G4


Phone: (613) 541-0777



Tenant Resources


The information found on the left hand side links are intended as a general guide for tenants. Information regarding current laws or government, utility providers or agency practices may change without notice. The Housing Resource Centre cannot assume responsibility for the interpretation and use of this information.


Energy Retailers

For information on energy retailers please see the Ontario Energy Board

Looking for Housing

The following table shows the average cost for different sized apartments in The City of Kingston in 2011/2012.  Housing costs may be higher than these averages since many places do not include utilities in the rent.



Average Rent



1 Bedroom


2 Bedroom


3 + Bedroom


According to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), housing is affordable if a household pays 30 percent or less of their gross income on shelter costs.  According to the CMHC recommendations, a person making $8/hour working 40 hours per week earns $1280 gross income and can afford to pay $384/month in rent.  If you are receiving social assistance (Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support Program), you are entitled to a maximum shelter allowance of $372 (single).

If your housing costs are more than your shelter allowance, you will have to use part of your basic needs allowance to pay these costs.  If your housing costs are less than your maximum shelter allowance, you will only receive the amount you need for your rent and utilitiesIf you are on a fixed or lower income, you may not be able to find housing that is truly affordable unless you are able to move into a rent-geared-to-income (subsidized) housing.

When you are looking for a place, find out the total housing costs before deciding to take it.  Ask the landlord if there are parking or other fees on top of the rent, and call the utility companies to check on the average cost per month. One way to cut costs is to rent a room or share an apartment.  However, your rights may change depending on the situation (e.g. if you are sharing a kitchen or bathroom with your landlord or a member of the landlord's family).  If you plan to rent a room or share an apartment, look at CLEO's Sharing Rental Housing(  This web tool helps you figure out which laws apply to your situation and what your rights and responsibilities are.

If your income is low, you may find that you don't have enough income to cover all your expenses after you pay for your housing.  No matter how well you budget, if the income isn't there to cover the basics you may run into trouble.  You will find information on emergency assistance and food programs, food banks and places for used clothing and furniture in the Local Services section.  You can also find contacts for local organizations that are advocating foraffordable housing and an end to poverty. 





Landlords cannot refuse to rent to you based on the following reasons:

Race, colour, ethnic background, or birthplace
Marital Status
Sexual Orientation
Having children or being pregnant
Being on social assistance

If you think you have been discriminated against when looking for housing, contact the Ontario Human Rights Commission to make a complaint.  You can also contact the Kingston Community Legal Clinic ( or the Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation ( for legal advice about discrimination.

 the Kingston Community Legal Clinic (, CLEO ( or ACTO ( for more information on tenant rights and responsibilities.

Is It Suitable and In Good Shape?

Do a careful walk-through of the apartment or house when you go to see it.  Check any signs of damage or needed repairs and make notes.  Here's a list of things to look for:

Do the walls and ceiling have cracks or signs of water damage?
Do all doors and windows close tightly to avoid drafts in winter, and open easily for ventilation?
Do all taps, sinks, tub and shower have good water pressure and drain well?
Do any rooms (and basement if included) show signs of mildew or mould?
Are there enough working electrical outlets in each room, and are there any three-prong outlets?
Is there adequate indoor and outdoor lighting?
Do all of the appliances work?
Are there any signs of bugs or pests?
Are there enough smoke detectors and fire exits?
Does the unit, building and neighbourhood feel safe and secure?

If the apartment needs repairs, ask the landlord about them before you agree to rent.  Ask if the landlord will agree to include those repairs in the lease, or sign a list of repairs that need to be completed.  

Before renting, talk to other tenants in the apartment or building if possible.

You can also visit the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation website to view their 
Evaluation Worksheet.




Renting an Apartment

When you apply for an apartment, the landlord may ask you for references, information about past landlords, permission to do a credit check, and for a

co-signer.  Have information about your rental history and income ready, and contacts for references.  If you get the apartment, the landlord may ask you to pay last month's rent up front and sign a lease.

Many landlords now ask for a deposit when people fill in the application for an apartment.  If you get the apartment, the deposit becomes part of your payment for first month's or last month's rent.  If you do not get the apartment, the landlord must return the deposit.

If a landlord asks you for a deposit when you apply for an apartment, make sure you get a receipt, and ask for your deposit back right away if you do not get the apartment.  If you have trouble getting your deposit back, contact the 
KingstonCommunity Legal Clinic (

Do a careful walk-through of the apartment, and ask about any repairs before you sign a lease.  Make a list of any damages, have the landlord initial it and attach the list to the lease


Last Month’s Rent

Your landlord can ask you to pay last month's rent before you move in. Make sure you get a receipt for your last month's rent and ask your landlord for a rent receipt each month. Your landlord must supply a receipt for any rent payment, rent deposit, or other charge, if you ask for one.

Your landlord cannot require you to pay illegal deposits. Check with the 
Kingston Community Legal Clinic ( if you think you have paid an illegal deposit or charge.

If your rent increases in the future, your landlord may ask you to pay more for your last month’s rent deposit, so it matches your new rent. Your landlord must pay you interest each year on your last month’s rent deposit. The province sets the amount of interest each year.

If you do not have enough money for last month's rent, you can try to make payment arrangements with the landlord. If the landlord won’t accept payment arrangements, you may be able to get assistance through one of the following sources:

If you are on Ontario Works or ODSP, you may be eligible for the Community Start Up and Maintenance Benefit (CSUMB), or for Discretionary Benefits.  If you have used up all your benefits, you may be eligible for some help with last month's rent deposit from the Housing Resource Centre.


Utilities Security Deposit

Before you rent a new place, call Utilities Kingston or Hydro One to find out the average monthly cost of hydro or gas. We see many people who can afford their rent but can't afford their utilities. Call before you rent: make sure you don't get a shock when you open your first bill.

Under Ontario Energy Board (OEB) regulations, hydro companies are allowed to charge consumers a security deposit equal to 2.5 times the average monthly consumption over the past year. If the average monthly hydro bill for your home was $150, the hydro company can charge you a deposit of $375.

Natural gas companies may charge security deposits as well. The Ontario Energy Board does not regulate these deposits.


Note: If you do not pay your bill or make payment arrangements you will receive a registered letter disconnect notice(Utilities Kingston). Note that other utility companies may handle the collections and disconnection process differently.

If you run into trouble with your utility bills, there may be emergency financial assistance available to you through The Community and Family Services Housing Resource Centre or other local sources. 

Maintenance and Repairs

Contact Kingston Community Legal Clinic for advice. The Legal Clinic can give you advice on whom to call to get action. They may also help you make an application to the Landlord Tenant Board. The Board can order the landlord to fix the problem and can order the landlord to pay you some money. The Legal Cliniccan also help you make an application to the Landlord Tenant Board to move out early if you are having serious problems with the landlord or the unit.



If your landlord has told you to move out, or given you a written notice of eviction, call the Kingston Community Legal Clinic or The Community and Family ServicesHousing Resource Centre immediately. We can tell you if the eviction is legal and help you through the process. You may be able to avoid or delay eviction if you get legal help.

If you have rent arrears and may be evicted, you may be able to get assistancethrough The Salvation Army Community and Family Services Housing Resource Centre or other local sources.

The Residential Tenancies Act gives a number of reasons for eviction. You can be evicted if:

you do not pay your rent
you often pay your rent late
you or a guest commit an illegal act on the property or cause damage or problems for the landlord or other tenants
the landlord or a member of his or her immediate family want to move in.

You can't be evicted for having a pet unless it is proven that the pet is causing problems for other people in the building.

If you share a kitchen or bathroom with the owner or a member of the owner's immediate family, you are not covered by the Residential Tenancies Act, and can be asked to leave without notice or return of rent paid.

If your housing is covered by the Residential Tenancies Act, your landlord cannot make you move out unless he or she goes through the eviction process at theLandlord Tenant Board.

For a legal eviction, your landlord must first give you a Notice To Terminate a Tenancy
 (N4).  If you owe rent, or if you or a guest have caused problems, the Notice gives you time to pay your rent, stop causing the problem, or fix any damage.

If you don't pay your rent or
 fix the problem by the deadline, your landlord can file an application to Terminate a Tenancy.  The Landlord Tenant Board will mail you a copy of the application with a Notice of Hearing telling you when you must appear at the Board.

You may be able to stop the application before the hearing if you pay the amount owing to your landlord or make a written agreement with your landlord.  If you are unable to stop the application, you must attend your hearing before the Board.  At your hearing, you may be able to mediate or negotiate a settlement that avoids eviction.  If you do not go to your hearing, your landlord may get an eviction order from the Board.

Contact T
he Kingston Community Legal Clinic for legal advice before you attend your hearing.  The Legal Clinic can give you advice about Board notices, repayment plans, and documentation to take to a hearing.  You can also speak to the Duty Council the day of your hearing.

If the Board issues an order fo
r eviction, contact the Legal Clinic and the Housing Resource Centre to find out your options.  You may be able to prevent the eviction.  If the order is for rent arrears, you may be able to stop the eviction by paying all the arrears and the landlord's application fees.  You may be able to stop the eviction right up to the time the sheriff comes to change the locks.  If you are evicted, call The Salvation Army Community and Family Services Housing Resource Centre.  We can give you vacancy listings to help you find new housing, information on shelters if you become homeless, as well as information about funds you may be eligible for to assist you with last month's rent deposit.

Property Standards

If your landlord does not fix a problem after you have asked in writing, you can contact The City of Kingston to ask for an inspection by the Property Standards or By-Law Enforcement Officer. You will need to make your complaint in writing. In the City, the Property Standards Officer can be contacted by calling the City at

Tel: 613-546-4291, extension 3280

Property Standards & Maintenance will follow up on complaints about the maintenance of the building, including problems like broken windows, unsafe stairs, holes in walls, or broken furnaces or appliances (supplied by landlord). They will also look into complaints about the property outside the building, including garbage and junk, long grass, snow and ice, or cars.

You can also write a letter about your complaint. The letter should include:

Your name
Your address
Contact information
Brief description of the problem
Landlord's name and contact information

Make sure you clearly list the problems in your complaint. Generally the Officer will only look at the problems listed on the form or in your letter.

The Property Standards or By-Law Enforcement Officer will come to your home to inspect the things you've mentioned in your complaint. Please note someone needs to be home to let the Officer into your home to do the inspection. If the Officer finds problems, he or she will write a letter to the landlord giving them a time limit to fix the problem. You will need to let the Officer into your home again to check to see if the landlord has fixed the problem. If the problem isn't fixed, the Officer will follow up with the landlord and can issue an order and go to court to make the landlord do the repairs.

You can ask the Property Standards or By-Law Enforcement Officer for a copy of the letter sent to the landlord about the repairs. This letter gives you proof of the maintenance problems, and can be used if you want to file a Maintenance application with the Board.

Tenant Rights and Responsibilities

Tenants' and landlords' rights and responsibilities are currently governed by the Residential Tenancies Act.  Tenants can obtain information about their rights and responsibilities from the Housing Resource Centre and legal advice from theKingston Community Legal Clinic

The Landlord Tenant Board ( website has full text of the Residential Tenancies Act and information sheets covering a number of landlord-tenant issues.  You can also download forms for Landlord and Tenant applications to the board.

The Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO)(www.cleo.on.cawebsite has clear language materials on legal topics that affect people with low incomes and others who are disadvantaged.  You can read CLEO's publications online and order print copies free of charge.  You can also visit CLEONet, a project of CLEO, for a collection of community legal education resources, news and events from organizations and legal clinics across Ontario.  CLEONet is for community workers and advocates who work with low-income and disadvantaged communities.

The Advocacy Centre for Tenants Ontario (ACTO)(www.acto.caworks with legal clinics, tenant associations and other groups to improve housing situations and address housing issues through test case litigation, lobbying and law reform, housing policy work, community organizing and public legal education.  ACTO does not provide direct service to tenants.  However, ACTO provides information sheets for tenants which may be used as aides and guides for a wide array of housing related topics.


Landlord Resources

The Salvation Army Community and Family Services Housing Resource Centre operated primarily as a service for tenants.  The following links offer assistance for small scale landlords.

Beyond the Backyard Fence (NIMBY) Guide for Affordable & Supportive Housing Providers (
Writing a Fair and Legal Housing Ad (
Landlord Self-Help Centre (
Landlord Tenant Board (

Educational Resources

Second Career Program (Ontario government program for laid off workers) (
Ontario Photo Card 2011 (Identification for people who do not drive)(  
Updated Social Assistance Rates 2011 (
CMHC Affordable Housing Videos on YouTube (

Local Housing & Homelessness Services

The following agencies provide support services related to housing and homelessness. Click the links to the left for more information on each service.

Advocacy / Anti-Poverty Groups


Kingston Coalition Against Poverty (

99 York Street Kingston, ON


Kingston Affordable Housing Committee(

362 Montreal Street, Kingston, ON(613) 546-4291 x 1204


Social Planning Council of Kingston and District (

260 Brock Street, 2nd Floor, Kingston, ON(613) 546-2843






Clothing and Furniture


Birthright(613) 546-5433

93 Queen Street, Kingston, ON

Maternity and baby clothing for pregnant or breastfeeding women.  Call for an appointment


QECVI – Free Clothing Drop-In(613) 549-1348

145 Kirkpatrick Street, Kingston, ON

Used clothing, housewares and furniture


Kingston Alliance Church(613) 546-2143

540 Palace Road, Kingston, ON

Free used clothing


Kingston Pregnancy Care Centre(613) 545-0214

120 Clarence Street, Kingston, ON

Maternity clothes, baby clothes and other baby items when available


St. Vincent de Paul Society(613) 546-3333

85A Stephen Street, Kingston, ON

Free used clothing and household items


The Salvation Army Thrift Stores

277 Bath Road, Kingston, ON(613) 544-4396

472 Division Street, Kingston, ON(613) 531-5002

Low cost used clothing, furniture, and household items


Seventh Day Adventist Church(613) 548-7765

66 Wright Crescent, Kingston, ON

Free used clothing


Rustle Church(613) 767-1397

65 Russell Street, Kingston, ON

Low cost used clothing, furniture and household items



Credit Counselling Services


Kingston Community Credit Counselling( 549-7850

417 Bagot Street, Kingston, ON


Family Services Employee Assistance Programs(613) 549-5561

417 Bagot Street, Kingston, ON



Crisis Support and Suicide Prevention


Frontenac Community Mental Health Services

24 hour crisis line: (613) 544 4229

385 Princess Street, Kingston, ON


Disaster Relief


Canadian Red Cross(613) 548-4929

150 West Street, Kingston, ON


The Salvation Army Community and Family Services(613) 548-4411

342 Patrick Street, Kingston, ON


Drug and Dental Benefits


Ontario Drug Benefit – Trillium Drug Plan1-800-575-5386


Kingston Dental Coalition(613) 507-6064

400 Elliott Ave, Kingston, ON


Emergency Financial Assistance


The Salvation Army Community and Family Services Housing Resource Centre

342 Patrick Street, Kingston, ON(613) 548 – 4411


The City of Kingston Social Services Department(613) 546-2695

362 Montreal Street, Kingston, ON


Food Programs and Food Banks


Food Banks/Groceries


Partners In Mission Food Bank – Kingston

140 Hickson Ave, Kingston, ON(613) 544-4534

16 Manitou Crescent, Amherstview, ON(613) 389-0275

Main distribution and collection centre.  Deliveries may be available for people with disabilities.  Call for an appointment.


The Salvation Army Community and Family Services(613) 548-4411

342 Patrick Street, Kingston, ON

Emergency Food, Clothing and Household items, available by appointment.


The Salvation Army – Rideau Heights(613) 541-3947

183 Weller Ave, Kingston, ON

Emergency food available by appointment


Food Pantry at St. Vincent de Paul(613) 546-3333

85/85A Stephen Street, Kingston, ON

Emergency food and hot meal program


Food For Thought

St Lawrence College, Kingston, ON

Emergency food available for students only, by referral from student counselor


Good Food Box(613) 530-2239

Low cost fresh fruits and vegetables.  Call for information or to order.



Meal Programs


The Gathering Place(613) 548-4411 x 42

342 Patrick Street, Kingston, ON

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 2:30p.m. – 7:30p.m.
Sundays 2:30p.m. – 5:30p.m.


The Bread of Life(613) 541-3947

183 Weller Ave, Kingston, ON

Last seven days of each month 3:30p.m. – 5:00p.m.


St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church(613) 546-6316

130 Clergy St @ Princess, Kingston, ON

Sunday 4:30p.m.


St. Vincent De Paul(613) 544-9967

85/85A Stephen Street, Kingston, ON

Monday – Friday doors open at 9:00a.m.


Kingston Alliance Church(613) 546-2143

540 Palace Road, Kingston, ON

Monday 12:00p.m. – 2:00p.m.


Martha’s Table(613) 546-0320

629 Princess Street, Kingston, ON

Monday – Friday 3:30p.m. – 5:15
Cost - $1.00


Friendship Room(613) 549-5088

629 Princess Street, Kingston, ON

Monday – Saturday 10:00-3:00


St. George’s Cathedral(613) 548-4618 x 30

King Street @ Johnson Street, Kingston, ON

Monday – Friday 9:00a.m.


Seventh Day Adventist(613) 548-7765

66 Wright Crescent

Tuesdays 4:00p.m. – 5:00p.m.
Vegetarian meal


St. Paul’s Anglican Church(613) 542-5870

137 Montreal Street, Kingston, ON

Thursdays 5:00p.m. – 6:30p.m.


St. Mary’s Hot Meal Program(613) 546-6900

88 Patrick Street, Kingston, ON – St. John’s Parish Hall

Saturdays 11:00a.m.


Kingston Street Truck Mission

Princess Street @ Clergy Street, Kingston, ON

Monday – Sunday, October – March 9:30p.m. – 1:00a.m.


Katarowki Native Friendship Centre(613) 548-1500

50 Hickson Ave, Kingston, ON

Friday 11:00a.m. – 1:00p.m.
Cost - $2.00 if affordable


NeXt Church – Food Not Bombs(613) 542-8777

89 Colborne Street, Kingston, ON

Sundays 11::00a.m.
Vegan meal


HIV/AIDS Regional Services(613) 545-3698

844A Princess Street, Kingston, ON

Monday – Friday mornings
light snacks, coffee and tea


Seniors Association(613) 548-7810

56 Francis Street, Kingston, ON

Monday – Friday 8:30a.m. – 4:30p.m.
Cost – $4:00(for member), $4.50(non member)


Legal Assistance


Human Rights Legal Support Centre (www.hrlsc.on.ca1-866-625-5179


Legal Aid Ontario ( 546-0793

507 Princess Street, Kingston, ON


Legal Line (


Kingston Community Legal Clinic ( 541-0777


Queen’s University Legal Aid ( 533-2102  



Ongoing Income Supports


Ontario Works(613) 546-2695

362 Montreal Street, Kingston, ON


Ontario Disability Support Program(613) 545-4553

103-1055 Princess Street, Kingston, ON


Employment Insurance

1300 Bath Road, Kingston, ON 1-800-206-7218


Canada Pension Plan1-800-277-9914

1300 Bath Road, Kingston, ON


Old Age Security1-800-277-9914

1300 Bath Road, Kingston, ON


Guaranteed Income Supplement1-800-277-9914

229 Concession Street, Kingston, ON


Child Tax Benefit1-800-665-0354

31 Hyperion Court, Kingston, ON



Other Support Services


Canadian Hearing Society(613) 544-1927

1300 Bath Road, Kingston, ON


Community Care Access Centre(613) 544-7090

200-1471 John Counter Blvd, Kingston, ON


Community Living Kingston(613) 546-6613

1412 Princess Street, Kingston, ON


John Howard Society

771 ½ Montreal Street, Kingston, ON (613) 542-7373


Elizabeth Fry Society(613) 544-1744

127 Charles Street, Kingston, ON


Freedom Ministries Correctional Services(613) 549-2676

472 Division Street, Kingston, ON


Street Health Centre(613) 549-1440

235 Wellington Street, Kingston, ON


Frontenac Community Mental Health Services(613) 544-1356

385 Princess Street, Kingston, ON


Al Anon/Alateen(613) 384-2134


Alcoholics Anonymous(613) 549-9380


Assaulted Women’s Hotline1-866-863-0511


Baby Talk(613) 549-1154

221 Portsmouth Ave, Kingston, ON


Drug and Alcohol Registry of Treatment(613) 548-4834


Victim Crisis Assistance and Referral(613) 548-4834


Kids Help Line1-800-668-6868


Kingston Community Chaplaincy(613) 549-8899


Kingston Pregnancy Care Centre(613)545-0425

120 Clarence Street, Kingston, ON


Sexual Assault Centre Kingston(613) 544-6424


Telephone Aid Line  Kingston(613) 544-1771


Kingston Detox(613) 549-6461

240 Brock Street, Kingston, ON



Utility Companies


Hydro One 1-888-664-9376


Utilities Kingston(613) 546-0000

PO Boc 790, Kingston, ON


Union Gas`1 888 774-3111




























The Gathering Place


The Gathering Place is a day shelter serving Kingston’s homeless and their peers, for those in transition and those at risk of losing their housing.


We provide a non-judgmental atmosphere where our guests can take shelter from harsh and inclement weather, eat a light nutritious meal and hang out with their peers.  Staff are always available to provide individual counseling and emotional support.


We also provide supervised, accessible programs and services such as information sessions on relevant topics, one-on-one support and referrals to other appropriate services in the city.


Service Hours:


Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 2:30p.m. – 7:30p.m.

Sunday 2:30p.m. – 5:30p.m.


Monthly Activities


Board Games – A variety of games are available to enjoy at The Gathering Place


Movies – A variety of movies, both VHS and DVD are available to be viewed


Cribbage and Euchre Tournaments – Guests may participate in tournaments held once per month


Bingo – Guests may participate in Bingo games - Saturdays


Birthday Celebration – Join in on celebrating all of the guests birthdays from each month


Hair Cutting – Free haircuts – every 2nd Sunday of each month



Agency Visits


Keys Employment Resource Centre – 1st Thursday of each month

Street Health Centre – Every Thursday

Hep C Clinic – Tuesdays



Shower Facilities


During service hours guests of The Gathering Place have access to shower  services.  Toiletries are provided.


Laundry Facilities


Guests of The Gathering Place have access to laundry facilities. It is by appointment only and sign up sheets are available during service hours.  Laundry soap is provided, one load per appointment.


On-The-Go Backpacks


On the Go Backpacks are available for those guests of The Gathering Place who are currently homeless. Backpacks may include: toiletries, water bottle, socks etc.


New Beginnings Care Kits


New Beginnings Care kits are available to those moving into new housing.  Encouragement and support through the provision of necessary cleaning and supply items to those who qualify.  Items include: mop and pail, all purpose cleaner, broom, laundry soap etc.


Job Readiness Support Program


Is a support program to assist those looking for employment.


Access to computers for resumes and cover letters
Resume/interview support
Links to Community Agencies
Access to local classifieds
Clothing vouchers


Community Gardens


During the growing season Community and Family Services offers our neighbourhood a Community Garden which assists in providing fresh vegetables to individuals within the community.  Guests may assist in the planting, weeding and harvesting of the gardens during service hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays.




New to The Gathering Place


A Green Space will soon be available to The Gathering Place.  Guests will be able to enjoy a basketball court, picnic tables and flowerbeds.


Community and Family Services


Programs and Services


Community Choice Pantry

The Community Choice Pantry was initiated at Community and Family Services in May 2012.  


By providing the opportunity for individuals to make their own food selections, the Community Choice Pantry helps to restore dignity and gives a sense of well being.


Emergency Vouchers

Emergency vouchers for clothing and household items are available to individuals and families requiring assistance. By appointment


Family Tracing

Family Tracing aims to locate, on behalf of the inquirer, a family member who is out of touch so that contact can be renewed.  It helps bring reunification between family members and offers spiritual support to those persons involved.


Pastoral Care and Spiritual Guidance

When someone seeks spiritual counseling or support they may be referred to the Community and Family Services Director or Corps Officer


Rent Bank Grant Program

City and Provincially funded program that assists individuals in maintaining their housing when faced with the possibility of eviction due to rental arrears.


Rent Deposit Assistance Program

Provincially funded, this program assists households currently homeless, under housed or at risk of homelessness with the required rental deposit.




Supervised Access

The Supervised Access Centre offers a safe, neutral and child-focused setting for visits and exchanges between children and non-residential parents/family members who are experiencing conflict in their custody and access.


Utility Grant Program

Provincially funded, this program is available to assist individuals in maintaining their energy source when faced with the possibility of losing their energy source because of arrears



Seasonal Programs


Christmas Baskets

The Christmas Basket Campaign provides all the trimmings for a Christmas Dinner for households who would not otherwise share in the joy and comfort of a Christmas meal.  We also partner with the Kingston Toy Drive to provide Christmas gifts for children.


Community Garden

The Community Garden offers our neighbourhood access to fresh fruits and vegetables.  Individuals assist in the planting, weeding and harvesting of the gardens


Harvest Dinner

Each fall The Salvation Army Community and Family Services prepares and serves a complete turkey dinner with all the trimmings for those in need within the community.


Volunteer Income Tax Clinic

The Income Tax Clinic is a free service provided to low income individuals, families and seniors from February until the end of April.


The Income Tax Clinic is operated by over 40 volunteers.  The Clinic is made possible by the generous donations from the community and individuals who have been assisted.


Children’s Programs


After School Program

The Salvation Army Community and Family Services provides an After School Program for children between grades 2-8.  Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3:00p.m. – 6:00p.m.


The program seeks to provide children and youth the opportunity to enhance their physical, emotional and spiritual well being in a safe, fun, nurturing environment by facilitating a quality After School Program.


All Ontario Overnight Camp – Muskokas/Jackson’s Point

Four age specific Adventure Camp programs are offered for people age

7 – 17 years of age.  Each program builds on the previous one.  Our programs are designed to help young people step outside of their normal daily lives, take on new challenges, meet new people, try new things, be part of a team and have a great adventure. 


Volunteer Opportunities


Community and Family Services has many volunteer opportunities awaiting you.  We value our volunteer workers and recognize the importance they play in serving out community.  Volunteers contribute to the vitality of our ministry by a personal commitment of time, energy, service and spirit.


Some of the areas where you can volunteer include:


Office Support/Data Entry
The Gathering Place
Christmas Kettle Campaign
Family Thrift Store
Food Drives
Harvest Dinner
Christmas Basket Campaign
Supervised Access
After School Program
Community Gardens
Community Choice Pantry


If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact our

Volunteer Coordinator (613) 548 – 4411