THE SALVATION ARMY
                               Kingston Citadel

                              Pastors/Majors David & April McNeilly


We are in the midst of a  sermon series:  *Faith:  Real or Fake.* 
This will be a five week series
based on the book of James in the New Testament. 

This is week 3 of our Partners in Mission Campaign.  Our goal this year is
$30,000.  This campaign to raise funds for Salvation Army
ministries in developing countries will run for approximately
six weeks.  I hope you will seek God's will for how much
you should give to this worthy cause.

The Salvation Army
Kingston Citadel

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Office Hours Tuesday-Friday 9:30am-4:00pm
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Our Church exists to celebrate God,
to demonstrate God's love,
to communicate God's Word,

to educate God's people,
to encourage God's family.