Youth Saturday Night Live: Saturday nights from 7pm, youth ages 13 and up are welcome to join us in the Gym for fun events, a great message and music and games. Open to Jr High and High School students (ages 12-18). For information contact Youth Pastor, John Gooch at 613-548-1600 Ext 105. 

Cross Zone: Wednesday evenings at 6:15 PM(alternate weeks), Heather Jackson teaches discipleship classes for youth in grades 6-8. Cross Zone provides a bible study and leadership training for youth in middle school. Every two weeks, Cross Zone and Cross Training combine into one larger group.

Cross Training: Wednesday evenings at 6:15 PM, Barb Morris teaches discipleship classes for youth grades 9-12. Every other week, Cross Zone and Cross Training youth will do mission work in the community (i.e. connect and write a letter to an elderly member of the congregation who cannot attend Sunday service). 

Youth Saturday Night Live
Sat, December 20, 2014

Childrens Creative Electives
Wed, January 07, 2015

Beginner & Jr Band
Wed, January 07, 2015